Wing Board

Wing Board

Banhoh Sdn Bhd supplies quality of Wing Board:-

Wing Board System- Ideal for rooms with limited wall space. Separated pen-tray included for easy access to markers & erasers. 2 Wing panels open up to create a large writing space to share more infomation within limited wall space. Magnetic lock to secure panels. Custom combination of Whiteboard & Chalkboard can be made.

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Wing Board - WWB-44

Product Name : Wing Board - WWB-44 Descri..

Ex Tax: RM900.00

Wing Board - WWB-45

Product Name : Wing Board - WWB-45 Descri..

Ex Tax: RM1,080.00

Wing Board - WWB-46

Product Name : Wing Board - WWB-46 Descri..

Ex Tax: RM1,250.00

Wing Board - WWB-48

Product Name : Wing Board - WWB-48 Descri..

Ex Tax: RM1,600.00