Drafting Table & Chair & Tube

Drafting Table & Chair & Tube

Banhoh Sdn Bhd supplies quality of Drafting Table, Drafting Chair & drafting Tube:-

Table Top Drafting Rack- Epoxy powder coat for durability. Table locking lever and adjustment 0-45 degree. Suitable board size: A1.

Drafting Stand- Height adjustable & single lock to secure right & comfortable angle. Epoxy enamel finish for long term durability.

Drafting Chair- Star base with nylon castor for durability & mobility. Additional round metal base for extra leg rest. Height adjustable mechanism for comfort.

Drafting Tube

Drawing Board- Solid chip board with grey lamination surface.

Parallel Ruler- Quick-lock to secure parallel ruler in place. Transparent acrylic ruler with black satin finish.

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Drafting Chair - DC22

Product Name : Drafting Chair - DC22 Desc..

Ex Tax: RM215.00

Drafting Stand - DS21

Product Name : Drafting Stand - DS21 Desc..

Ex Tax: RM425.00

Drafting Tube - WB116

Product Name : Drafting Tube - WB116 Size..

Ex Tax: RM82.00

Drafting Tube - WB117

Product Name : Drafting Tube - WB117 Size..

Ex Tax: RM140.00

Drafting Tube - WB118

Product Name : Drafting Tube - WB118 Size..

Ex Tax: RM235.00

Drafting Tube - WB604

Product Name : Drafting Tube - WB604 Size..

Ex Tax: RM44.00

Drafting Tube - WB606

Product Name : Drafting Tube - WB606 Size..

Ex Tax: RM59.00

Drawing Board A0 - WB503

Product Name : Drawing Board A0 - WB503 D..

Ex Tax: RM280.00

Drawing Board A1 - WB501

Product Name : Drawing Board A1 - WB501 D..

Ex Tax: RM140.00

Drawing Board B1 - WB502

Product Name : Drawing Board B1 - WB502 D..

Ex Tax: RM210.00

Foldable Drafting Rack - DR10

Product Name : Foldable Drafting Rack - DR10 ..

Ex Tax: RM162.00