Sliding Board

Sliding Board

Banhoh Sdn Bhd supplies quality of Sliding Board:-

Sliding Board System- Consist of one main board with 2 slidable boards. Custom combination of whiteboard, chalkboard & noticeboard are available. Nylon rollers are used for smooth sliding and extra durability.

Vertical (UP / DOWN) Sliding Board System- Comes standard with 2 vertically slidable boards. Boards can be raised and lowered easily. Slidable boards available in Whiteboards & Chalkboards.

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Sliding Board - SLI-412

Product Name : Sliding Board - SLI-412 De..

Ex Tax: RM2,130.00

Sliding Board - SLI-416

Product Name : Sliding Board - SLI-416 De..

Ex Tax: RM2,840.00

Sliding Board - SLI-48

Product Name : Sliding Board - SLI-48 Des..

Ex Tax: RM1,600.00