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Easel Stand

Easel Stand

Banhoh Sdn Bhd supplies quality of Easel Stand:-

Steel Easel Stand- Black powder coated and chrome finish. Adjustable and retractable legs. Board stance for stability. Ideal to use with writing board, bulletin board, poster or canvas painting.

Adjustable Wooden Easel Stand- Made of elmwood. Adjustable legs allow greater position flexibility and height. Compact when folded, allowing ease of portability. Suitable for displaying boards or for painting purposes (require board).

Wooden Easel Stand- Made of elmwood. Fixed legs provides more stability and durability. Suitable for displaying boards or for painting purposes (requires board).

Tabletop Mini Easel Stand- Made of elmwood. Mini sized easel fits easily even on small tables. Suitable for displaying small sized boards or even thick paper / cards. Novelty item can be bought as a gift.

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Aluminium Folding Easel - ETS-62

Product Name : Easel Stand (Metal &a..

RM164.30 Ex Tax: RM155.00

Folding Easel - ETS-66

Product Name : Easel Stand (Wooden) ..

RM227.90 Ex Tax: RM215.00

Folding Easel - ETS-69

Product Name : Easel Stand (Wooden) ..

RM275.60 Ex Tax: RM260.00

Metal Easel Tripod - ETS-68

Product Name : Easel Stand (Metal &a..

RM151.58 Ex Tax: RM143.00

Metal Folding Sketching Easel - ETS61

Product Name : Easel Stand (Metal &a..

RM201.40 Ex Tax: RM190.00

Studio Easel - ETS-63

Product Name : Easel Stand (Wooden) ..

RM239.56 Ex Tax: RM226.00

Studio Easel - ETS-65

Product Name : Easel Stand (Wooden) ..

RM307.40 Ex Tax: RM290.00